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Pallet Recycling From Austin Pallets And Crates

What happens to your pallets after they have been used for the first time? If you are like most businesses, they are either stored, burned, or disposed of after their first shipment. While it seems like an innocent mistake, this is a missed opportunity for your business for a variety of reasons – most convincingly though, you could be missing out on phenomenal cost savings.

What should you do with your pallets instead? Pallet recycling, of course. Insert them into a pallet recovery program so they can be reused for years to come. Recycling your pallets through a pallet recovery and repair program can help you extend the life of your pallets and cut your supply chain costs.

The Benefits Of Pallet Recycling With Austin Pallets And Crates

  • Cut Costs – When you begin a pallet recovery program, you instantly diminish your need to constantly purchase new pallets because you have an ongoing, incoming pallet inventory – depending on how many pallets your business handles on a regular basis. By using refurbished pallets in place of new pallets, you’ll maximize your investment and prevent your company from overspending on packaging needs.
  • Become More Sustainable – At Austin Pallets And Crates, we are proud of our green initiatives and are happy to give companies an opportunity to move toward a more sustainable business model. Recycling pallets through a pallet recovery program will help your business become more environmentally friendly, which comes with many benefits of its own.
  • Improve Safety – Broken pallets are a safety hazard in the workplace. For workers who must handle broken pallets, there is an increased risk of puncture wounds, cuts, or dropping the pallet if a fragile board were to break during transit. There’s also an increased chance of the unit load tipping due to broken boards, which can not only lead to worker injury but also can damage the product being transported.
  • Reduce Storage Space And Meet Sanitation Requirements – Having a closed-loop pallet system can reduce the storage space you need for pallets. Because your pallets are constantly being recycled and returned, you’ll have a safety stock that isn’t concurrently stored within your facility. This means you’ll have less yard/door space taken up by pallet inventory.

Recycling pallets through a pallet recovery, return, and repair loop can turn an often overlooked aspect of your business into a major asset. Not only does it help to reduce waste in our world, but it also can help your business save money, improve workplace safety, and reduce storage needs.

The Austin Pallets And Crates Mission

Our mission is simple… offer a consistent, quality pallet at a competitive, stable price. The pallet manufacturing process has evolved, and so have we. We are proud of our ability to react to just-in-time orders and reduce our customer inventories. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff is ready to help reduce your wood packaging costs, while still offering you a top-quality product.

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